Summer explorations

Throughout the summer, I tried to keep my mind open and seek inspiration through informal investigations. I spend time in the Parsons library as well as book stores and museums (primarily the Met) to find visual inspiration.

I came across a book of catalog images, which I thought were very intriguing as a source of character design reference. In the book, I want to use dress as a way to express the personality of the characters. This specific group of images was key in developing the time period and dress for my thesis project--

Other fashion illustrations from the New York Public Library digital archives also influenced the design of the characters:

During the summer, I frequented the Met and drew sculptures from the Greek wing-

This method of working purely with graphite comes very naturally to me, so I tried combining this with a more stylized character explorations-

At this time, I was also working on risograph prints for fun.

Inspired by traditionally printed children's books that utilize spot colors, I combined by graphite drawings with a single yellow-

I really enjoyed the results, as well as the aesthetic of a "vignette" through the loose graphite. This has been the guiding visual as I imagine the final artwork for my thesis project.

Other Artists that I've Looked At--

New York, NY, USA

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