Week 1 - Scheduling, sketching

After presenting my three thesis proposals, I decided to stick with the story about a group of girls who is solving a mystery. I imagine the book at a traditional 32-page picture book, and I'd like to stick with the yellow and black color scheme. I would like to either screen print or risopgrah the entire book and create a small edition of about 20 or so artist editions of the book. To start, I created a schedule for how I would like to pace the book.

For next week, I want to have the plot figured out completely. From there--

9/11-9/15: Begin rough thumbnails and writing

9/18-9/21: Finalize the writing & thumbnails, + character sketches.

9/25-9/28: Create large scale, tighter sketches and begin laying out on inDesign. This should include color spots, since there will only be graphite & yellow spot colors. Test prints in Silkscreen and Risograph should be underway/complete.

10/1: University funding proposal is due (I will be seeking funding for materials in order to create the artist's edition. In particular, I need funding for book board, book cloth, thread, ink, glue, and paper.)

10/2-10/5: Print out the inDesign file and have one final complete. This will be critiqued in class

From 10/5 Until the group show on 11/6, stay on pace with 3-4 spreads per week. The finals should be 3/4 done to show on 11/6.


11/16-11/29 will be dedicated to printing.

Binding will be done by final crit.

I am debating whether or not to silk screen the whole book in the fall semester, or if I should wait until the final critique.

New York, NY, USA

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