Week 2

After discussing with Steven, I decided to postpone the silk screen printing until after the final critique in the spring semester. I will create a few sample spreads for the final crit and have a completely bound book, but it will be printed via inkjet. After receiving critique, I will make my adjustments. This allows for much more brainstorming & planning time so that the story and characters have just the right characteristics.

For now, as Steven suggested to me, I will be creating various spreads to help write the story and iron out character design.

These small vignettes/designs have been helping me find a mood in the book and begin envisioning a story. I know for sure that I want there to be an older generation of women spies that guide the girls. I like the possibility of incorporating a secret society; something like The Secret Society of Lady Spies (perhaps that's a good title?!).

I am still trying to solidify the plot and am hesitant about what/who the "villain" should be. I am concerned about who I villainize, particularly the way that they look; they're race, gender, ethnicity, beauty, etc. One possibility is to have the girls following one of the lady spies... They might be following her, following her, following her... until suddenly they've followed her all the way to the secret society's home base (an old rickety house?). Upon finding that they've managed to follow her, she is impressed and begins to show them the society, unveiling a whole group of women spies.

I think that all the women (and maybe the girls?) are based on actual female spies throughout history. This will be mentioned briefly in the beginning with a more thorough acknowledgment in the end.

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