I am an illustrator, designer, and writer based in the NYC area. My work is rooted in mark making, particularly with analog messy materials like graphite, ink, and watercolor. I create primarily for children, but I enjoy all sorts of image-making, from advertising to editorial illustration.

By day, I design kids books at Scholastic Inc (you can see some of my work here). 

The rest of the time, I draw, drink coffee, and people watch in Jersey City, NJ.

My first book Secret Spy Society: the Case of the Missing Cheetah will be published by Viking Books for Young Readers/Penguin Kids in Spring 2021.

It is available for pre-order now!

You can read more about it here!

For any book/literary-related inquiries, please email
Andrea Morrison at amorrison@writershouse.com

For any editorial inquiries, questions, or hellos, leave me a message below, or write me at veronica.mang.art@gmail.com

For prints, visit me on Etsy


New York, NY, USA

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