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I adore school visits and would love to join you for a day of fun and learning! See below for more information. 


Elementary School Visits:

My goal is to leave students feeling empowered to tell their own stories! We begin with an interactive presentation discussing where ideas come from, my pathway to becoming an author & illustrator, and the behind-the scenes of making a book, like sketching and the art-making process.

Next, I read my book to the students and wrap up with a drawing demonstration or group activity (past activities include a hijinx-filled interactive Mad-Libs!). We wrap up with a Q&A. If there’s any special topics you would like me to share with the students I am happy to customize. 


Full day visits include up to 4 45-minute presentations, Q&A, and book signing. I am also available for shorter visits and workshops for smaller groups. I love to meet students in person but am happy to present virtually, too.


I love to personalize book during my visit. Book purchases can be coordinated with my team at Penguin Random House, or through your local book store.


High School, college, & adult:


When visiting high school, college, and adult groups, we focus on all aspects of the path to publication; the good, the bad, and the messy! This includes turning an idea into a book dummy, finding your stylistic voice, querying agents, and a books life from acquisition to publication. I am happy to bring originally pieces of art to share as well. I also insight from my time in the publishing industry as a book designer. 

Visitation Fees:

In-person school visitation fees vary based on number of presentations, location, and the financial needs of your institution. Please reach out to me at for a visitation estimate. 

Looking forward to crafting an exciting experience for your students!

For visitation inquiries, please email and

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